Heritage Food Crops Research Trust

Tetra-cis-lycopene in Tomatoes

Heritage tomato varieties known to contain tetra-cis-lycopene

Tetra-cis-lycopene is a highly beneficial bioavailable form of lycopene, and exhibits a golden-orange or tangerine tomato colour. But not all tomatoes with this colour contain tetra-cis-lycopene, as this colour can also be expressed by beta-carotene. Hence it is necessary to chemically analyse each tomato variety to verify whether or not it contains tetra-cis-lycopene.

We provide here a list of all the varieties that we have had analysed and confirmed to have tetra-cis-lycopene to assist health conscious gardeners, healthy food advocates and researchers worldwide. Data has been obtained from the 2015 season.

Variety Name
Plant characteristics *
Fruit characteristics †
Flavour ‡
Sourced from
*Indeterminate tomato plants grow from spring until frost, producing fruit on long vines that can grow 2 metres or taller. Determinate plants bear in a shorter time, on shorter vines.
SmallCherry25to55 g2to4 cm
MediumPlum40to130 g4to6 cm
Medium-largeSlicing130to220 g6to10 cm
LargeBeefsteak185to220 g7to10 cm
Extra-largeBeefsteak220to320 g10to14 cm
GiantBeefsteak320 g +14 cm +
Flavour descriptions are subjective and vary with growing conditions. Those in quotation marks may have been generated for promotional purposes.